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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brooke Neal #9

Brooke Neal

5 facts about Brooke:
1. She has a brother who is 2 years older than her
2. She is #9 and she plays for the NZ women's black sticks
3. She has played hockey since the age of 3
4. The women's black sticks came 4th in the Rio 2016 olympic games
5. Her brother plays in the Men's black sticks

The 3 Olympic values Brooke spoke about were:
1. Friendship
2. Excellence
3. Respect

My goals for my future are:
Go to the Olympics and compete in a sailing event... AND WIN GOLD FOR NEW ZEALAND!
I am aiming to go to the 2024 or 2028 Olympic Games as my first Olympic Games.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Flipping by the ship

Flipping by the ship-(When I was learning to sail).

Down the ramp, into the sea went the boat. A huge ship sat in the harbour, filling with logs. I was not believing that I was sailing with a tall boy in a heavy, plastic Opti. Sailing out I was on the main and he was on the helm.
“GYBE!” he said.
“Ok” I said annoyed at him.

“SWOOSH!” over went the boom.
I changed sides... he didn’t...

In we went... somewhere I didn’t want to be!  I was stuck!
“DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!” I screamed for my lifesaver!  I could hear the rescue boat closer and closer. I was really frightened, my air was restricted and movement was impossible. The tangle of toe straps,ropes and the boom was impossible.

I was stuck under the heavy, plastic optimist. Someone tugged on the centreboard…
                                                                         I WAS FREE!!!!!
My advice...  NEVER! go sailing with a boy in an Opti!

Just Beaten

Just Beaten-Sailing
Finally… I thought to myself! Aaron, Holly and I had started our S1A1F optimist race 1. Aaron was leading the way, we were heading for the big orange buoy. Rounding the mark… SWOOSH! Over went the boom. I let the main go, pulled the centreboard up and started reaching.

The flagged orange buoy was close ahead, around I went. Holly was struggling at 1. I was just behind my main rival… AARON! Waiting for Holly to round the mark, we decided to go around Holly. Over came the boom, out went the main.

My head was dead after being bonked and bashed so many times! I was about 20 centimetres behind Aaron, the finish line was right there. Aaron had stolen my wind and had beaten me by less than a second! “Two more tiring races to go!” I thought sleepily to myself.

Fish and Chips for Lunch in Kawhia

Fish and Chips for lunch in Kawhia!

First we ordered our lunch, I got chicken wedges and chips along with a hot chocolate, Jake got fish bites and chips along with a hot chocolate, Mum got Nachos and a hot chocolate and Daddy got the Fisherman’s Plate and a Long Black. Daddy paid at the super-slow eftpos machine and then we found a table and sat down. We waited and waited until our hot drinks arrived. Mine was so hot and fluffy, just like Mum’s and Jake’s. Daddy loves coffee so he just drank like he usually does. He said it was like velvet running down his throat.

Our food finally arrived! It was in little straw baskets along with a choice of sauces... we dug in! I claimed that it was the best fish and chips I had ever tasted!-(No offense to Mum’s homemade fish and chips!). After I had eaten my chicken I started on my chips, meanwhile Jake was being a garbage guts and had eaten all of his food! We put our spare food into my spare container.

Jake and I ran across the road to the playground, we jumped into the spinning wheel and spinning…spinning…


Jeez I thought, he is soooooo heavy!